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Holiday Schedule…

The following will be the schedule for the week of Christmas and New Years: Monday 12/22 and Tuesday 12/23-   Normal Schedule Wednesday 12/24 Christmas Eve.-  9 am class only, Secret Santa WOD Thursday 12/25  Christmas-  CLOSED Friday 12/26 through Sunday 12/28-  9 am class only Monday 12/29 and Tuesday 12/30- Normal Schedule Wednesday 12/31 […]

Turkey Throwdown…

We had a great Turkey Throwdown this year, thank you to everyone who made it out. And again happy Turkey day to everyone, I hope the holiday went well.  Back to training!!

#3 Functionality

Coaches Corner #3:  Functional movements, why we need them and how we lost them. My goal for this post is to transition our talk about intensity, into part two of the definition of CrossFit, functional movements.  More specifically how functional movements are the best training tools for all human beings and how they can make […]

Julie Foucher… 3 years ago

Here is a video to go along with my point about functional movement.  Continue to work hard and do the movements that we give you and you will become a more well rounded individual.  Improvements with health are inevitable with functional movements performed with intensity.  For those of you that do not know who Julie […]