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CrossFit vs. EVERYONE!

Some of you may be wondering why CrossFit has received such a bad rap in the fitness community and I will give you my professional opinion first then give you a little article to read.  The simple reason is, CrossFit works, and is a beautifully managed business.  Like it or not, it works and is […]

Awesome Games Documentary!

If you have the time please check out this gem on the CrossFit Games.  This is a good insight to the sacrifices these athletes make day in and day out,  with only one weekend to prove all their work!  It is a little lengthy but very good.  These gems only come around every so often […]

CrossFit Valley of the Moon vs. The OPEN!

This year at CrossFit Valley of the Moon we will be doing things a little bit differently for the Open.  Things have changed since years past with the opening of Scaled Divisions, and a teen division, as well as the usual masters age groups.   With these accommodations in place, we find it hard to […]

Reebok CrossFit Super Bowl Commercial…

What was the best part of the Super Bowl you might be asking? How about the first commercial as soon as the game started!  This was a great ad from Reebok supporting CrossFit and all those that practice CrossFit.  It was nice to see some positive publicity for once.  And what they said is completely […]