Board Day Kick Off…

We had a heck of a return for board days,  “Fran” or “Diane”

Great job to everyone who completed Fran for their first time and to everyone who set a new PR on Fran or Diane!  Two Great WOD’s and I can’t wait for more saturdays to set some new PR’s!

Next week, lets hit it hard again and check out our Easter 5k! We will be doing a long run/Easter egg hunt on Saturday April 7.  Check it out!

The calm after the storm…

The open is over.  No more frantically checking the internet Wednesday nights at five o’clock, no more butterflies on Saturday morning, no more long long long Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.  So what do we do now?  We train.  The great thing about CrossFit is that our sport is training.  So we go back to our roots and train some more.  Take a good look at the weakness the Open may have exposed to you and find a way to get better.  One thing I want to say about our gym is that I am more than impressed with the way everyone preformed throughout the open.  It was an amazing test of how strong we really are and I believe that each and every person in our gym is a stronger person for completing it.  One thing we must take from the Open is that if you ever need a bit of extra motivation, you need look no farther than the person sweating beside you in the gym.  Because although we may all have different destinations, we are all on the same road to get there.  Remember a family that WOD’s together stays together.  And so again I say, in this calm after the storm we must do what we do best and keep working hard.

And thank you all for the extra motivation!


Return of the Board Day!

Have a workout you have been itching to do? Saturdays are back to the normal hopper method saturday! Come in with a benchmark or hero wod that you have in mind or pick one off the board and we will see what comes up!!!

See you all saturday!


Mobility and MU work…

Friday March 16, we will be working on mobility and muscles ups.  We will be working hard to get everyone to closer to their first muscle up or more proficient at them! Please come in and enjoy a nice little lesson on muscle ups.  And for those not competing in Saturdays Open WOD, as always there will be a workout on the board.

Mobility Tips for 12.4…

Video Courtesy of K-Star and



Workout 12.4 is announced!

Make sure you sign up as soon as possible for a heat time that will work for you! We are filling up fast this week! Each heat can have up to two men and one women unless otherwise noted with an *.

Schedule thus far:

9:00- Jeff R., Jolena

9:20- Carlos, Barbara

*9:40- Nick P, Dustin P

10:00- Alicia,

10:20- Spenser,



The Heat Schedule for Saturday is as Follows:

*Each Heat will have Three or Four People in it.  Please text the gym phone or use our contact form to let us know what time you would like! Thanks

9:00- Carlos, Matt

9:30- Nick P., Dustin, Reann

10:00- Alicia,

10:30- Spenser, Isaac




Happy Birthday Alicia…

Happy Birthday to Coach Alicia,

Wednesday will certainly call for a fun, hard, and gymnastic filled workout!

Good Job today on the heavy deadlifts, staying tight and going big!

AMRAP in 15: 

8 Box Jumps

8 Burpees

4 Deadlifts


What will it be?  Twenty four more hours and we will see! Remember to sign up for a heat on Thursday Friday or Saturday.  Preferably Saturday, the more the better!

Saturday’s Heat Schedule Open WOD 12.2…

Here is the heat schedule for tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd.

Please give yourself enough time to get in there and warm up! And please come cheer others on! This will be an electric environment.

9:00- Carlos/Matt P.

9:20- Anthony/Jeff R.

9:40- Nick P./Dustin

10:00- Zach/Isaac

10:20- Nick F./Alicia

10:40- Spenser/ Nick Giusto

11:00- Paul

11:20- Barbara/Michelle

11:40- Amber