20 minutes of…

Todays workout was a fight.  No better way to describe a workout in which you have to constantly tell yourself “just one more rep”.  Good job to everybody for completing it and pushing yourselves on the heavy cleans.  Above is a picture of Coach Nick teaching the clean, get those elbows through at the top being the emphasis here.  Last but not least, with the weather changing a proper warm up and spending extra time on mobility (post wod) is going to be very important.  Aches and pains are emphasized with cold weather!  So make sure you get in on time and warmed up properly.

Rope Climbs…

Great job everybody on your rope climbs today! It is great to see people challenging themselves and pushing some limits.  We have so many people making the rope look easy now that we are going to have to throw something more challenging at you guys soon.  Keep your eyes peeled for new post just about everyday with tips for the workouts, nutrition, and all kinds of stuff.  In the meantime check out Beau’s mean foot lock (try and imitate him he crushes the rope!)



Badminton Tournament

This month at the box we will be hosting a badminton tournament! This will take place on Friday, November 25th (Black Friday).  This will be a double game elimination round robin style tournament.  The tournament will be played in pairs.  This can be 2 females, 2 males, or 1 female & 1 male.  You do not have to be a member of the gym to compete so invite friends or family to be on your team.  This event is going to start at 10am and go until only the winner remains.  Players are encouraged to bring their own rackets.   We will only have a minimal amount available and remember they break easily! Sign up at the front desk!

CrossFit Games 2012

CrossFit has now released dates for the 2012 CrossFit Games as well as the dates for the start of the Open. There are several people that have showed an interest in participating in the Open this year. YAY! CrossFit VOM would LOVE to be represented at the Games by a team this upcoming year! To make it to the Games there are different pathways that one can take. There is the Master’s divisions, the team, or individual competition. To facilitate success we will be having practices for those that are interested in participating. These practices will be aimed at getting you prepared for the Open. We will be meeting on average, once a week. Each week we will have a specific focus that will help you prepare. So If you are interested in attending these practices please let us know either by signing up at the front or sending us an email at crossfitvom@gmail.com. Please include your name, dates and times that would work for you, and what you plan on participating in. Our first session will be Tuesday, October 4th at 7pm. If you miss the first one, do not worry about it! Hope to see you there!

Flu Season

Okay, Let’s talk about this. It is that time of year that the flu begins to show up. Since we are all using the same equipment class after class, please make sure to wipe down your equipment after you use it. Even if you do not show signs of being sick, you can still have picked up the virus. Wipe down and help lower the amount of the flu we see! We want our members healthy. Wipes can be found in the white “chalk” bucket. THANK YOU!