CrossFit Valley of the Moon vs. The OPEN!

This year at CrossFit Valley of the Moon we will be doing things a little bit differently for the Open.  Things have changed since years past with the opening of Scaled Divisions, and a teen division, as well as the usual masters age groups.   With these accommodations in place, we find it hard to not encourage EVERYONE to sign up!  For those of you unfamiliar with the Open, put simply, it is a competition and proving grounds for your hard work.  This is a test put on by CrossFit Inc. that is five weeks long and includes one workout per week.  The workouts are released on a Thursday evening and you will have until the following Monday to complete it AND turn in your score.  These workouts are standardized across the entire world which gives you the opportunity to see how well you stack up against others anywhere in the WORLD!  Which in itself is very cool, however, this is not the reason we encourage people join the Open.  In our gym each year we have watched as countless people have tried something they never had before, PR’d on a new lift, moved faster, and pushed harder then they ever have in a regular class.  This is what we want.  Remember that competition breeds intensity, and INTENSITY breeds RESULTS!  This year we will have scaled options, not to make it easier but to accommodate a little more. I wish I had more information on these scaled options but as of now I do not.  So here is what we will be doing at CrossFit Valley of the Moon:

Event-  The Open!

Dates-  February 26th through March 30th

Time-  Friday Evenings 4 pm to 7 pm  and  Saturday mornings 9 am to 10am

Info:  This will be an in house, within the world wide event,  that will see who is the fittest, teen, female, male, master, father, brother, mother, you name it!   We will be testing ourselves against ourselves to see who has what it takes to make it through the event!  And like all good competitions we will have prizes along the way!  (Just to keep it fun!)

Prizes:  Each week we will give away small prizes for the winners that will be determined at a later time.  And for each person that completes and turns in ALL 5 workouts will be given $20.00 of CFVOM money (to be used towards membership or apparel)!!!  That is how important we know this event is for all of your fitness!!

Q & A:  Please ask us any and all questions as soon as possible!  Thank you!

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