Masters Events Announced for Saturday and Sunday…

Here are the events for the Masters Athletes that will be competing at the NorCal Masters this weekend.  If you are available this weekend and want to attend an excellent event please make your way down! Event is held at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond.

Here are the workouts up to the final event:

Event 1: 3rm Hang Squat Clean 4 min cap

Event 2: @4 min emom for as long as possible

5 power cleans, 7 power cleans, 9 power cleans, etc.

Event 3: 2 sets of:

4 min AMRAP:

6 DB Thrusters, 6 Toes to bar, 9 Cals on Rower  Rest 1 min between sets

MINI Event:  3min max Cal Airdyne

Event 4: Max weighted pull-up in 2 minutes. Immediately into max Renegade Rows in 2 minutes. Immediately into Max kettle-bell swings in 2 minutes. Immediately into max double under in 2 minutes. Score is # of pounds on BEST pull-up lift plus # of renegade rows X 2, plus#of swings plus # of double under DU’s.

Event 4: 12 min. time cap

30/20 calAD

20 DL

20 Burpees

20 DBShoulder to Overhead

40 Situps

20 DB Shoulder to Overhead

20 Burpees

20 DL

30/20 Cal AD

Event 5: 11 min Cap

Run 500m/ Row 500m/ Run 500m/ Row 500m

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