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There are some things that are not easily explained with words, the family that is forged through CrossFit is one of those things.  Every member that steps through our doors, day in and day out, in order to receive some form of physical and mental punishment earns the respect of those who know and share their pain.  In this respect a bond is formed that is unspoken but nonetheless prevalent.  I am honored to see people work hard day in and day out, for completely separate but equal goals and all with the same desire.  There is one member that I am going to give credit to because credit is due and times are tough.  If some of you have never met Zach, I will vouch that he is one of the hardest working people to come through our doors.  He has without a doubt inspired and changed my life, simply with his demeanor and relentless work ethic.  When I found out that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer my heart went out for both of them, as it would for any family member.  Sometimes life throws curveballs, so to say, that may seem insurmountable to most, but one thing is certain,  Nina and Zach are very strong people and will be strong the entire time.  Alicia and I have been thinking of ways to help Nina and Zach out and have decided to host a workout for them, be strong for them, and help out family members in need.  We will also be accepting donations for them of any sort.

Please come join us Friday November 23 for “Grace Off’s”


For Time:

30 Clean and Jerks 135/95#


Hope to see everyone there,

Thanks CFVOM

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