To do the Open or not?

CrossFit season is less then four weeks away, beginning with the Open and culminating in the CrossFit Games sometime in July/August. Many people question wether or not they should join the Open. So, as a participant for the past three years I thought I would lend an opinion to those who are a bit apprehensive.

As CrossFit athletes, we train day in and day out to better ourselves.  Trying to become the best mother, father, boss, firefighter, nurse, student, or teacher that we can, but how do we measure that commitment?  It is not a test of how fit you may be but how hard you have worked. It is not to prove to anyone else but yourself that you have achieved something.  It is your chance to get together with your CrossFit community, cheer each other on, and hit a workout.

If you have a desire to join the Open just follow the link:

CrossFit Open Register

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