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Earlier this week after a tragic event we lost one of our community members and friends. I wanted to take a second to send our prayers and well wishes to the family. It is with great remorse and sorrow that we say goodbye to a such a good person at too early of a time. Thank you everyone that has reached out to the family, and all those affected. It means a great deal to help others in a time of need, and I am proud to be part of a community that is so willing to do just that.

I also want to take a moment to thank the six am crew that did everything in their power to help someone in a time of crisis.  You are all incredible individuals.  I am beyond proud to get to teach you, train with you, and get to know all of you as well as I have.  There is a special bond forged between people that work together in such a manor as we do.  There is no easy day, but having one another to enjoy the pain with makes it just a little better.  That is why we consider you all our CrossFit family, there is no other way to describe the relationship.  Family.  I hope that in some way this can make our family stronger, and I am sure that it will.  To all of our members, take care of one another, train hard, have fun, and enjoy every moment.  Never loose sight of why you stepped foot into the gym.

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