Barbell Club…

What:  Barbell Club is a six week program designed to help build strength and efficiency in weightlifting movements as related to CrossFit.

When: Beginning Monday Oct. 14th For six weeks. This is a Monday and Wednesday class from 7- 8pm

Cost: $50.00 for all six weeks

More Info:  The ability to move a barbell well is very complementary in a CrossFitter’s toolbox.  During these six weeks we will give you an in depth perspective of 12 overall movements, as well as cue’s, and tips to help improve them. Each class will entail one movement as the focus, in which we will spend 30 plus minutes teaching and practicing this movement. Followed by large amounts of mobility/accessory work for the lift. Seeing as we are still CrossFitter’s with a passion for weightlifting and not professional Olympic or Power Lifters, we will keep these session relatively intense, with just a larger focus on a single movement instead of many. Do not get me wrong, we are going to be moving weight and going hard. If you would like the extra help and this sounds like the thing for you please join us!




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