Open Workouts…

With week one being complete and the rest of the weeks soon to follow, I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page!  Here are a couple of tips and pointers gained from experience over the years about the Open.

1.  Submit your score early!  As soon as you have it, submit it.  They will automatically be sent to me for validation so if you don’t see it on the leader board right away don’t freak out.

2.  Keep your routine.  Do not let the Open beat you! Maintain your regular training and volume, let fridays be your test day but treat the rest of the days as normal training.  Our programming will allow you to do so!

3.  Put your phone away.  Do not become obsessed with the leader board.  If you have done your best and put in 100% effort then there is literally nothing more you could have done.  Do not let your rank take that away from you.

4.  When all is said and done, be proud.   Be happy that you took the risk to sign up, be judged, and let the whole world see what you have done.  It is a huge accomplishment.

5.  Start training for next year.  Self explanatory, just stay hungry and keep working hard!

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