Reebok CrossFit Super Bowl Commercial…

What was the best part of the Super Bowl you might be asking?

How about the first commercial as soon as the game started!  This was a great ad from Reebok supporting CrossFit and all those that practice CrossFit.  It was nice to see some positive publicity for once.  And what they said is completely true, you do have to be a little crazy to do this to yourself.  But it will make you a better person in the process.  I challenge everyone to test themselves and see if they have what it takes, for those of you that chug along and show up everyday and put in the effort, you are already leaps and BOUNDS better then average.  I can never demonstrate enough how inspiring it is to see the same faces day after day, brutal workout after brutal workout, showing up and doing nothing but asking for more!  You guys are the true heroes.  I set out on a pursuit to make this community stronger and happier and you all are the living embodiment of that dream!  Thank you all!!!!!

If you missed the commercial, here it is.


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