Workouts for days we are closed!

If you are feeling up to the challenge and are looking for some things to improve your fitness while we are away, here you go:

1. Card Game:  Take a deck of cards and assign movements to the four suites e.g. Hearts = Burpees,  Spades = Sit Ups,  Diamonds = Push Ups,  Clubs = Flutter Kicks

Flip a card and do the number given of that particular movement. Make sure to assign numerical values to kings, queens, jacks, and aces!  e.g. King, Queen, Jack= 10 Ace= 15

2.  Tabata

Eight Rounds of each movement, then move to the next:

20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest

Air Squat

Push Ups

Sit Up


3.  Run 5 k  This is one of CrossFits most staple workouts! We do not get the test this very often so please do so if you can!

4.  Hike/Bike/Run/Swim for fun!!!!

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