Class Schedule and Information…

This schedule represents our normal courses for a week unless otherwise posted on the calendar.

How are classes run? Each class is 1 hour long and consists of a dynamic warmup, our 5-10-20-30 warmup, workout descriptions, the WOD, and a cool down or mobility work.  Each class will begin at the time indicated.  The first 15 minutes of the class is designated for the dynamic warm up and the 5-10-20-30 warmup.  Instruction on the workout will begin 15 after.

What if I show up late?  If you show up within the first fifteen minutes of a class there is no penalty other than you missing out on warming up for the workout, which is very important.  If you show up later than fifteen minutes it will be up to the instructor that day on wether or not you can join the class.  However, if you arrive late, warm up quickly and be ready to go by 15 after because instructors will be going over the workout and that is even more important than warming up.

What if I am new?  If you are new to the CrossFit do not worry, CrossFit is infinitely scalable.   If it is your first class we you will more than likely run you through our “baseline” workout, which is a great first workout and good intro to what we do.

If you have any other questions or comments feel free to use our contact form and let us know.


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