Event Schedule…

The Event Schedule is a guide to any new activities, events, competitions, specialty classes, etc., that we will be having at CrossFit Valley of the Moon.

Specialty Classes-  When indicated on this calendar we will be hosting specialty classes at our 6:30- 7pm class time.  Specialty classes will be 30 minute classes spent entirely on one skill, or set of skills.  These classes will be great supplementary tools to your training so keep an eye out for these classes!! Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:00 pm will be dedicated to Intro to CrossFit classes designed for beginners.

Events-  Events will be held throughout the year that will include anything from member appreciation dinners, to track workouts, to 5k runs, or anything we think of!

Competitions-  For all you competitive CrossFitters out there, this will be your info spot on upcoming competitions.  This may be events that we are hosting, or competitions at other gyms.  So keep your eyes open!

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