Do you log your workouts?

This is a very common common question among folks that are really looking for a way to track results.  It is simple, write down the workout, and write down your score.  We put them on the board every day for everyone to take advantage of and jot down.  As coaches we take all the data from the boards and make sure we are all getting better in varying places, aka being as fit as possible.  It only makes it easier when you track your own work as well, and learn from each workout.  Don’t just write the results, how did y0u feel? How much sleep did you have the night before? How was your nutrition that day?  What is your stress level?  These are all huge factors on performance and once you start to track them you will be shocked at the patterns.  Check out this video of Flow Master Chuck Carswell talking about programming at a level 1 cert.

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