Don’t believe the hype!

To all CrossFitter’s, from CFVOM and afar, I find that it is now time to lend an opinion on this internet sensation they call a blog.  This is the first blog post I have ever written that has an opinion, but my hope is to only inform through experience, not persuade in any way.  I will be writing more of these post as topics evolve and need light shed on them.  I will call this new section “the coaches corner.”  Enjoy.

This weekend I will be attending my CrossFit Level One certification course.  What that means is this,  I have been doing CrossFit for 6 years now, and coaching it for just under 5 years.  That is a long time to be doing something.  I am essentially a college graduate of CrossFit, pretty neat, and appropriate as all I spent my time doing in college was reading journal articles, and training methodologies (not blogs, because ANYONE can write a blog!)  What I did was look for the best information from people with the best credentials,  they had been there, done that and had advice for others on how to do the same.  I would read articles from tenured Olympic Lifting coaches that had won medals at worlds or at the Olypmpics, and articles on gymnastics by the best gymnasts in the world, or how to run faster by people like Usain Boldt (he fast!).  That is a sound place to begin if you want to learn how to be stronger, faster, and more fit in general, if you ask me.   So here is the catch,  THAT IS CROSSFIT!  People always want to know what CrossFit is, or more importantly bash what they thing CrossFit is, but in fact what I just described, a collaboration of all things fitness by experts in each subject matter themselves.  That IS CrossFit.  So my advice is this, don’t get all caught up in everything that is shiny and new out there, just work hard and train hard and you will achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  But if you want to achieve them quickly don’t read through thousands and thousands (about five years worth) of training articles, just ask someone who has!  That is what CrossFit gyms are here for.  And to anyone who doubts the experience level of any of our trainers at CFVOM, to this I say HA.  When I first began CrossFit, I was one of two people in the entire town of Sonoma that knew what CrossFit was.  The two of us trained this way for about six months before he left for the military.  It was at that time I went and received my first Level 1 Certifications.  There have been many many many changes going on throughout the CrossFit realm in the last five years, even in our small town.  When I first started the CrossFit Games were a mere backyard throwdown at a place called “the ranch”  in Aromas California, which happened to be Dave Castro’s backyard.  Some of you may have hear of “the Castro”.  But, as I mention many things have evolved and changed, and I have seen a lot of it and want to share my experiences with all of you so that you can better understand what CrossFit is, and why we do what we do!  Because to most it is crazy!  We are all a little crazy though, so we may as well express it through fitness.  So again I say don’t believe the hype. There are tons of fitness trends, and fads out there. This, I assure you, is not a trend.  There is a reason why CrossFit has grown as exponentially as it has, it works.  So just keep working hard and leave the rest in the dust.

Hope you all enjoy your day,

Spenser Scott CFVOM

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