Memorial Day Murph…

Each Memorial Day we do a workout known as Murph in Honor of Lt. Mike Murphy whom was killed in action during Operation Red Wings on June 28 of 2005.  Murph is a Medal of Honor recipient for his actions during the Operation and was a part of Seal Team One.  This workout was created by Murph himself as he would do this on a regular basis, this to Murph was just Wednesday or ‘Body Armor’ as he would often call it (because it was know that body armor or a weight vest were required to be worn for the duration of the workout).   Our programming will be preparing us to be able to complete this workout without it putting us to far out of our normal routine.  So be prepared for lots of running, pull-ups,  push ups, and air squats in our programming for the next couple of weeks.

*Please join us Memorial Day for the workout if you will be in town! We will be selling T Shirts as usual and will have heat sign ups available soon!

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