WOD’s Released!

Crescent Classic WOD’s #1, #2, #3 released below.

Wod #1

12 Min AMRAP

Progression of Reps 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 ect.

  • Calorie Row
  • Shoulder to Overhead  110/75

Athletes will begin on the rower.  Once they complete 3 calories, they will then move to the shoulder to overhead where they will complete 3 reps.  Then they will go back to the rower to complete 6 calories on the rower. Then they will complete 6 reps on shoulder to overhead, and continue on in this fashion for 12 minutes.

Wod #2-

Hill Run for time.  Each athlete will move 4 d-balls, one at a time down the hill.  Once all 4 balls are at the bottom, the athlete will start bringing the balls back up to the starting point, one at a time. The balls will vary in weight.  The balls will not exceed 20 pounds.

Saturday Morning August 10th

Wod #3

10 Min Amrap

1 Round =

15 Back Squats

25 Double Unders

15 Front Squats

25 Double Unders

15 Overhead Squats

25 Double Unders


In between rounds the athletes must increase the weights on their own.

Female weights Rd1- 65# Rd2- 85# Rd3- 100#

Male weights Rd1- 88# Rd2- 118# Rd3- 132#

Barbell will start on the ground and the athlete will not be able to use a rack during the workout.  If an athlete completes the 3rd round under the time cap, they will keep the weight used for round 3 on the barbell for the remainder of the workout.


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